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NEW !!! Updated Mini Vintage Retro TV Game Console Classic Built-in Games

NEW !!! Updated Mini Vintage Retro TV Game Console Classic Built-in Games

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Condition: New

Product description
Edition:620 Classic Game Console

Important Notice: "AV Cable" affects video games, please make sure your TV is suitable for purchase before.

(AV cables, comprising of a cable with two different coloured phono connectors: a yellow plug, which transfers a low-quality composite video signal, a red plug, Audio channels can be transmitted. These must be plugged into the appropriate ports on the back of the TV.).

Game type: (Some games are repeated, please understand)

Action Game 88 species, includes: Super Mario 1/2/3, Dr. Mario etc.

Shoot Game 94 species, includes: Contra 24in1, Super Contra etc.

Sport Game 43 species, includes: Hot Blood Basketball, Golf etc.

Fighting Game 46 species, includes: Turtles 1/2/3, Street Fighter etc.

Racing Game 25 species, includes: F1 Race, Excitebike etc.

Puzzle Game 324 species. includes: Tetris, Pac man, Tank etc.

▶100% brand new and high quality.
▶Nes game console mini classic TV game.
▶Built-in Hundreds of classic games.
▶8-bit and double 4-button gamepads.
▶110~250V power supply.
▶Support AV output.
▶Design for low power consumption.

▷Color: grey
▷Material: Plastic and Metal
▷Plug: US Plug
▷Joystick Type: Wired
▷Joystick line length: 56 inch
▷Output: AV OUT
▷Game Console Size: Approx.13*10.5*4.5cm

Package includes:
1 x AV Cable
1 x AC Power Adapter
1 x User Manual.
1 x Game Console
2 x Game Controller

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